En panelradiator er tilpasset moderne vandbårne centralvarmesystemer. Panelradiatorens vandmængde er lille, og konvektionsoverfladen er stor. Sammen betyder disse egenskaber en meget hurtig responstid og dermed en god udnyttelse af energien. Radiatorprogrammet omfatter panelradiatorer, designradiatorer, vertikale radiatorer, sektionsradiatorer og ventilatorradiatorer. Radiatorer er ideelle til lavtemperatur systemer og også i kombination med gulvvarme.

Panel radiators for every need

Depending on the situation, the requirements for panel radiators can vary. That’s why we make sure that the solutions we offer at Purmo are unique and diverse.

Are you looking for panel radiators for your new home or renovation project? Or are you a professional looking for the perfect solution for your customer? No matter the circumstance, Purmo can offer a radiator that will be the right fit.
We even take current interior design trends into account in our colour range. From standard traffic white RAL 9016 to many other RAL colours and even metallic finishes, you’ll always find a panel radiator that's the perfect match.

Good energy balance

At Purmo, we update our flat panel radiators and flat panel designer radiators to accommodate modern hydronic heating systems. With our new designs, the water content inside each radiator has decreased while the heating surface has increased. This results in less pump energy, a lower thermal mass, a higher performance and a faster response to changing heating loads. Our radiators provide maximum efficiency and indoor climate comfort.

Our range of radiators includes horizontal radiators, vertical radiators and fan radiators.

Flat panel radiators in hydronic heating systems

We know that the more carefully a heating system is planned, the more efficiently it will be executed. For example, when planning a heating system, we know that we must take the maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature into account. For a trouble-free operation, the heating water should meet national requirements.
In production, we are sure to leak-test our panel radiators with 1.3 times the operating pressure to guarantee they’ll function well in your space.

Mounting panel radiators

When the time comes to install your Purmo panel radiator, be sure to observe applicable regulations, standards and installation instructions. Before installation, check the condition of the wall on site to certify its readiness for your radiator. Once you’re ready to go, only use the fixings supplied or those recommended by the manufacturer.

We’re ready to help you keep your panel radiator in prime condition. To protect the radiator surface until construction work is complete, we recommend installing the radiator with the packaging still on.

Operating conditions

Once you've installed your Purmo panel radiator, it will be ready to warm your space with minimal upkeep. We intend the coating of our panel radiators to last in all normal living spaces. For use in wet rooms (e.g., bathrooms or guest toilets), Purmo offers optional corrosion coatings.

Flat panel radiators from Purmo will provide comfortable, efficient heat for decades to come. At the end of their service life, all components can be separated and recycled.