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Kinder to your home environment and to the planet

Purmo radiators are designed to suit any renovation project, and offer a range of benefits. Radiators have the lowest life-cycle costs of any heat emitter, and are an attractive, cost-effective and energy-efficient addition to any home. Purmo radiators can be quickly and easily integrated into any existing system, with little effort, no mess, disruption or construction involved. In fact, Purmo radiators can be connected to pipework and balanced, ready for use, in a matter of hours.


Higher efficiency with lower water temperatures

In low temperature water systems, Purmo radiators increase your indoor comfort and total energy efficiency. At the same time, they increase the efficiency of heat generation and reduce system losses.

Suited to every climate

Wherever in the world you are, Purmo radiators in low temperature water systems are ideal. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, a properly insulated house can always be heated to a comfortable temperature with low temperature radiators.

Lower energy cost

In low temperature water systems, Purmo radiators use less energy to perform efficiently, maintaining a comfortable 20°C with radiators set to system temperatures of 45/35°C, thus lowering your energy bill.

Higher comfort

With a unique combination of convection and radiant heat, a low temperature radiator ensures a constantly pleasant temperature. There are no annoying draughts, nor is there a “stuffy” or “dry” feeling.

Compatible with underfloor heating

When combined with low temperature radiators, underfloor heating can reach optimal levels of both efficiency and comfort.

Efficient and effective indoor climate control

Purmo radiators react quickly to the required temperature signal from the thermostat, distributing warmth rapidly, silently and uniformly. Within a matter of minutes, the room temperature is at a consistent level throughout, from ceiling to floor.


In low temperature water systems, Purmo radiators are perfectly adapted for use with any energy source. From solar heating to water pumps and even wind energy, if your home system is suited to low temperature radiators, Purmo is your perfect choice.

100% recylable

Purmo radiators are kinder to the environment in many ways. They are specifically designed so that all components can be separated at the end of the unit’s life cycle, and are made from 100% recyclable raw materials.

Healthy living conditions

Purmo radiators in low temperature water systems do not burn the room-dust, or produce any unpleasant smells. What’s more, there is no risk of burning from touching a radiator operating in a low temperature water system.