Today, Purmo continues to invest in quality and innovation while taking account of the environment. As the radiator specialist proves every day, cleaning up water and air, low noise levels and heat recovery can go along perfectly well with profitability. The many environmental certificates that Radson has received bear witness to this.

Our production unit in Zonhoven borders on the pond studded natural beauty of Midden-Limburg (2500 ha). Purmo wishes to grow alongside this nature conservation area and in harmony with it.

The industrial sites extend over approximately 75000 m², of which 40000 m² are built-up. Purmo has a buffer zone of a little over 10 ha between its industrial sites and the conservation area.

Over the last 7 years we have invested a little over 50 million euros in expansion applying the BAT principle and paying heed to the environment. Our environmental investments have amounted to around 6.8 million euros.

In each of its processes, Purmo is looking toward lower consumption of raw materials, energy and water, and a reduction in sound level and water and air emissions.