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Press Release - Think Vertically campaign

Press Release - Think Vertically campaign


It’s time to think vertically about heating solutions
Purmo, one of Europe’s leading full-range suppliers of heating solutions, is ready with a new inspirational approach to heating solutions. The new approach gives creative possibilities and value for money for both installers and end-users.

Purmo wants to change the installers’ views on heating. Installers normally look at horizontal space when putting up radiators. However, horizontal radiators options are often limited by the available wall space and they are not always the optimal solution for the end-user.

Purmo wants installers to think vertically – vertical radiators, vertical spots on the wall and vertical solutions. The new vertical dimension means more creativity and possibilities for treating the end-user to the best heating solution.
Thinking vertically, installers can create a whole new world of possibilities.

Heating in new areas – without stretching the budget
With a Purmo vertical radiator, installers can introduce warmth into entirely new areas and create optimal heating solutions for every room in the end-user’s home. This is even possible without stretching the budget.

As a result, the vertical alternative should no longer be regarded as a decorative radiator of limited benefit, but as a standard – a standard that can create value by offering a lot more possibilities than the former horizontal standard.

Making space for comfort and style
Purmo offers a wide variety of vertical radiators in different shapes, finishes and colours. Available in widths down to 300 mm and heights of up to 2300 mm, Purmo’s vertical radiators make room for installers to think vertically, increase comfort and enhance the style of any home.

Like all other heating solutions the vertical radiator comes with a 10-year guarantee. This commitment, decades of experience and a large group of heating experts, drive Purmo to being the first and best choice for both installers and end-users.

Major campaign launch– find out more
From August 2008, Purmo wants all installers to think vertically.
A campaign will be rolled out to promote all the benefits of vertical radiators. This includes inserts and ads in leading European trade magazines, a competition on the website, and a range of point-of-sale material.

Purmo, one of Europe’s biggest radiator brand, with a product range that brings indoor climate comfort to private homes, offices and commercial buildings.

Purmo is part of Purmo Group, one of the world’s largest radiator manufacturers. Overall, Rettig employs over 4000 people worldwide and produces over 9 million radiators per year.

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