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A breath of fresh air from Purmo

A breath of fresh air from Purmo



As well as generating a comfortable feeling of warmth, the PURMO Air radiator helps to create a healthier living environment. Its quiet supply of heated fresh air sets new standards for indoor air quality.

Poor ventilation is a common problem in modern buildings and can be the underlying cause of a number of illnesses including asthma and a range of allergies. Typical characteristics of poor indoor air quality are a high concentration of carbon dioxide, excessive humidity, emissions from building materials and furnishings, and even pollutants from ground soil.

The PURMO Air radiator can help to prevent

these associated health risks. Outdoor air enters through a duct behind the radiator. The air is then simultaneously filtered and heated, and clean, fresh air is released into the room without any noise or draught.

The PURMO Air fresh intake air system can be used in buildings equipped with hot water central heating radiators and mechanical extraction ventilation. It is suitable for houses, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, and hotels. It is extremely energy efficient, as ventilation can be controlled according to demand.

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