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Primary school plays it safe with Purmo

Primary school plays it safe with Purmo


When the Layer de la Haye Primary School in Colchester, Essex, needed a new heating system, they called on Purmo.

The village school required a high efficiency heating system in their new extension, built in a traditional brick work style with a slate roof, and occupying five hundred square metres of space.  For safety reasons, the school needed radiators with a low surface temperature, and Purmo were able to provide the school with the ideal solution - the Purmo Safety Radiator.

Property developers, Corporate Associates completed the extension in July, and Vince Plumbing installed 27 Safety Radiators in the four new classrooms, as well as the adjoining toilets, kitchen and library.  Installer, James Vince explained, “The Safety Radiator was a great choice because unlike conventional panel radiators which generate high surface temperatures and can easily burn arms and legs, the Purmo Safety Radiator never runs above a maximum 43 degrees centigrade.  Not only are these radiators safe, they are very easy to install, clean looking, and durable – there is a lot going for them!”

The Purmo Safety Radiator is a two part system consisting of a high efficiency panel, together with a highly durable outer casing manufactured from 1.2mm steel, powder coated.  This outer casing protects against direct contact with the hot surface of the radiator which means it is perfectly suited to an environment frequented by the very young.

In addition, the ease of cleaning ensures the convectors remain free of germ carrying dust, making these radiators ideal for use in hospitals, nurseries, and residential homes.

Mr Vince also commented, “I have nothing but praise for Purmo, they were extremely helpful, ensuring the whole process went smoothly.”
The Purmo Safety Radiator meets with NHS guidelines, and is available in single and double configuration to suit all design and output needs. 

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