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100 % Panel radiator

100 % Panel radiator


100% Panel radiator

Strength in numbers
We are number 1 in our industry because we believe in, and focus on, hard rational facts. It takes 100 % commitment to supply 25 000 steel panel radiators every day to loyal customers in almost 50 countries. And 100 % confidence to issue a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on every single one. Whoever said you can’t measure quality was wrong. In The Warm Society, everything counts.

10 years of worry-free warmth
Unquestionable quality
We want to bring you the best. This means the best in panel radiator heat output, functionality and design you can get. We leave nothing to chance in pursuit of this goal. Raw materials and components are carefully sourced and regularly re-evaluated. The quality of the materials is matched by carefully crafted designs – a result of years of research and experience. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our steel panel radiators that we have issued a 10-year quality guarantee. You’ll probably never need to take us up on it, but it is important for us that you have it.

101% white
We have added a new and stunning member to our steel panel colour palette. An immaculate and absolute white. This colour makes the ideal complement to pure white walls, or a dazzling contrast to more colourful interiors. So, get on the white track and enjoy the brightness of whiter than white!

0% leakage
Quality and reliability are cornerstones of The Warm Society. Our production procedures are state-of-the-art and testing criteria often exceed the relevant international requirements. Each and every radiator undergoes systematic pressure testing – assuring you the most watertight, reliable radiators with a no-leak guarantee.

15% energy savings

Our steel panel radiators are amongst the most energy efficient on the market. Large convector plates and precision placement of the network of water channels inside means optimal water distribution and heat transmission. This heat output is attained from a remarkably low volume of water. This results in a very low ‘thermal mass’ – which in simple terms means they can respond almost instantly to variations in room air temperature or systeminternal heat gains – so you never use more energy than you have to, to maintain your ideal indoor climate.

2.500 options

No two houses are exactly the same. Why not maximize wall and floor space by choosing a tall and slender Vertical? And don’t forget you also have a wide range of connection options. With 2500 different size and fitting combinations, we have the perfect solution for every conceivable room type.

2 sides to the story

When it comes to style, we go both ways. The classic design of our glossy profiled models may be just right for your home. But if you want a more contemporary look and feel, why not opt for the sheer, modern elegance of our sleek, flat-fronted models? Whichever you choose, the finish is flawless and it will stay that way for many years to come.

Over 200 colours
Strange though it is, colour coordination is not something people have traditionally associated with radiators – even though they play such an important and visible role in your home. So we’d like to let you know that with our colour system, there are more than 200 colours to choose from! So now your radiator can enhance and complement other elements in your home – or simply make a bold (or subtle) style statement all on its own. Whatever shade you choose, our industry-leading 5-step painting process assures you the most immaculate finish and long-lasting colour available. This means your radiator will look as good in 10 years’ time as it did on the day it was installed.

25.000 daily deliveries
On time. On tar get.

Quality is not just an obsession within our factory walls. Post-production and logistics processes also conform to the latest and most stringent international standards. Packaging, storage and transportation of our finished products are strictly regulated and controlled. This means the 25 000 steel panel radiators we supply every day are snugly packed in heat-shrunk film, corner protected, and pallet transported, for optimal protection as they are delivered to customers in almost 50 countries around the world.

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