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Contemporary, beautiful, invisible...

Contemporary, beautiful, invisible...


The Plan VKO from PURMO is the solution to creating calming and beautiful interiors for offices, luxury apartments or town houses.  The VKO is a contemporary radiator easily adapted for modern interiors. It has a plain, almost invisible panel that can be painted to blend in with any colour scheme. Even in white, its beauty lies in its ability to remain unnoticed and complement any room design.

The Plan VKO can provide on demand heat and is one of the most energy efficient designs available. It only requires a small amount of water to function, it heats up very quickly, and is easy to control. It also features a large convector plate within the design, which means that heat is expelled across a greater surface area, distributing heat more effectively around the room.

Produced from the highest quality materials, it is robust, easy to clean, and has a solid, scratch resistant coating. The Plan VKO is also economical to run, making it possibly the most flexible, modern radiator on the market.

The Plan VKO radiator is available ex-stock in a range of sizes from 300mm high to 900mm high and in lengths up to 3m. It also comes with a five-year guarantee.

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