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A peace of mind with Purmo

A peace of mind with Purmo


Stylish and unobtrusive, the PURMO Safety Radiator is an ideal choice wherever high efficiency heating is required, yet where safety demands a low surface temperature.

Unlike conventional panel radiators which generate high surface temperatures and can easily burn arms and legs, the PURMO Safety Radiator never runs above a maximum 43°C.

With a maximum depth of 156mm, they are sufficiently slim to blend in well with any lifestyle, classical or contemporary, yet they are tough, durable, and virtually maintenance free.

The Purmo Safety Radiator is a two part system consisting of a high efficiency panel, together with a highly durable outer casing manufactured from 1.2mm steel, powder coated.  This outer casing protects against direct contact with the hot surface of the
radiator, which means it is perfectly suited to an environment frequented by the very young.  In addition, the ease of cleaning ensures the convectors remain free of germ carrying dust, making these ideal for use in hospitals, nurseries, schools, residential homes, and day care centres.  It conforms to NHS guidelines and is available in single and double configuration in 42 sizes to suit all design and output needs.

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