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System Elements


There are two types of multi-layer pipes in the CLEVERFIT system: PE-RT/Al/PE-RT (diameters:16-32 mm) and PE-X/Al/PE-X (diameters: 40-63 mm).

The strong, flexible and thinner external layer is made of polyethylene PE-RT with increased resistance to temperature, or cross-linked PE-X. Inside the wall, there is a laser butt-welded aluminium strip which guarantee the same pipe characteristics across its entire cross section. The thicker internal layer is again polyethylene PE-RT or cross-linked PE-X. The use of adhesive glue permanently bonds the layers together.

With the use of PE-RT II and a special aluminium alloy, the features and parameters of PE-RT/Al/PE-RT pipes (Tmax= 95oC, for 10 bar T=70oC) are similar to PE-X/Al/PE-X (T= 95oC for 10 bar). Durability of both types of pipes in standard operation conditions in heating systems and sanitary systems is at least 50 years.

How can we be sure of that? Our pipes and the entire CLEVERFIT system have passed a number of tests compliant with PN-EN 21003 standard. The most destructive was the Termo Cycling Test. Installation is being heated up to 95o C and then cooled down to 20o C.

System is under pressure of 10 bars during whole test, temperature switch every 30 minutes, while two changes form a full cycle, i.e. one hour. For a system to pass the TCT test successfully it must withstand at least 5,000 cycles, i.e. over 3 months, keeping 100% tightness.

CLEVERFIT pipes combine the advantages of pipes made from plastic and from metal.”

The CLEVERFIT pipes combine the advantages of both plastic and metal ones. Aluminium layer prevent oxygen penetration through the pipe wall, which offers effective protection against corrosion of metal components. Linear expansion is being reduced as well up to 5 time in comparison to a homogenous pipes. Besides pipes are flexible and stay in formed shape, which reduce the number of used fittings. Polyethylene is not a chemically reactive material, so it does not affect the quality of potable water. Pressure losses are significantly reduced due to a smooth internal surface of the pipes, which are also incrustation free.