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System Elements


To be able to make CLEVERFIT connections, you will need professional tools. The expanding and pressing tools are crucial. Expanding heads, pressing forks and cutters are also important. The pressing equipment included in the Purmo CLEVERFIT system are robust and reliable tools produced by renowned German manufacturers.

Expanding tool

Pressing tool


In the Purmo CLEVERFIT system we use battery-powered tools, designed to be user-friendly for installers. First of all they are very light and ergonomically shaped, with battery level indication. Furthermore, the pressing tool is equipped with a rotating head. Pressing forks have been designed to cover two diameters in one fork (i.e. 16-20 and 25-32 mm). The whole pressing process takes several seconds at most. The tools are delivered in a set with two special forks (16- 20, 25-32 mm), four expanding heads (16-32), two Li-Ion batteries and charger, as well as a manual in various languages and all of it packed in a handy toolbox. With proper care and maintenance they will serve you for many many years.

Weight Pressing tool - 2,2 kg
Expander - 1,9 kg
Piston force 14 kN
Dimensions Up to 32 mm
L x W x H Pressing tool - 325 x 69 x 195 mm
Expander - 320 x 69 x 119 mm
Battery 12 V / 1,5 Ah Li-Ion
12 V / 3,0 Ah Li-Ion
Battery capacity 40-180 Expanding / Pressing cycles
Charging time approx. 30 / 60 min.

There are also manual expanding and pressing tools for 16-32 diameter connections as an alternative solution. They are very light and handy, which makes them suitable for use in the most inaccessible places or for smaller installations. These are supplied separately. The expanding tool is suitable for the same expanding heads, although different pressing forks are required for the pressing tool.


The first step is cutting pipes to the appropriate length. Cutting is performed with use of cutters or disc cutters. They assure cutting plane perpendicularity to the pipe longitudinal axis. It is not allowed to use saws or other cutting tools, creating material chips, which are difficult or even impossible to remove from the system.

Pump for pressure test

According to technical requirements, pressure test must be done after the installation is assembled. Purmo offers manual pump for water pressure test.