PURMO International
System Elements


There are two versions of PE-X pipes in the CLEVERFIT system (in the diameter range from 16 to 32 mm): SD4+ 10 bar pipes for heating and sanitary systems (working temperatures up to 95oC) and PexPenta 6 bar pipes for radiator, floor and wall heating systems (working temperatures up to 95oC).

These are created using electron beam crosslinking technology (the physical method).

CLEVERFIT SYSTEM PIPES: - are absolutely sterile and environment-friendly.

  • have a shape memory; 
  • are highly flexible; 
  • are corrosion and incrustation resistant; 
  • are freeze resistant; 
  • are resistant to various chemicals, including many acids and bases; 
  • do not affect the quality of drinking water; 
  • have smooth inner surface, which minimize pressure losses.

The pipes and CLEVERFIT system have passed the highest testing standards.

Most manufacturers put an anti-diffusion barrier only on the surface of pipes, which can suffer mechanical damage during installation or operation. CLEVERFIT pipes have a unique 5-layer structure, the first to have an anti-diffusion barrier which is protected on both sides by strong layers of PE-Xc cross-linked polyethylene. In the manufacturing process of PexPenta pipes, all layers are bonded at a pressure of 150 bars. The resulting material guarantees reliability and safety during installation and many years of service life.