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Cleverfit Axial pipe system


Cleverfit Axial pipe system - Implementation

Purmo Cleverfit is a complete system made up of modern products that comply with the highest quality standards. Its primary advantage is its versatility.

The system can be used in both heating and cooling installations (e.g. floor heating or radiators connection). It is also ideal for cold and hot domestic water installations, including potable water, a proof of which is the DVGW certificate and the hygienic approval issued by the National Institute of Hygiene.

The Purmo Cleverfit system can be used for new installations as well as for renovated ones in existing buildings. With the wide range of diameters, it is possible to implement the system in single-family and multi-family houses and in public buildings.

Durability of Purmo Cleverfit components is also of crucial importance – it has been confirmed by many tests as well as careful and precise monitoring at every step of the production process.

Tap water


Radiators connection

Underfloor heating