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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It should be comfortable, functional and warm. However, it is difficult to find space for radiators in the kitchen, because most of the space along the walls is occupied by cupboards and work surface. 

Lack of space on the walls and floor lined with plates - kitchen is the room where underfloor heating reveals all its advantages. A nice feeling of warm floor makes cooking more enjoyable, while heated floor dries more quickly. Remember, when planning the distribution of heating loops in the floor, consider the future layout of kitchen cupboards location.

A good place for a radiator in the kitchen can be found on a narrow partition wall. You can place a vertical design decorative radiator on it and equip it with a railing to hang kitchen towels or cloths.

Bathroom heaters, thanks to their functional qualities, are well-suited not only for bathrooms, but also for kitchens. A ladder design enables you to comfortably dry kitchen cloths or herbs. The possibility to connect a heater thanks to which we can use the radiator outside the season is also a large advantage. In addition, they are easy to clean, which is of great importance in the kitchen.

An additional source of heat in the kitchen can also come from electric dryers. You can conveniently dry kitchen cloths and towels on them. Their big advantage is the fact that they can be installed anywhere, e.g. on the side of the kitchen island.

A radiator may also have an extra useful function, it can serve as a partition wall or a drinks cabinet.