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Towel warmers


Inclined, ellipse-shaped heat elements provide an airy dimension to the design.



Height (mm) 700 - 912 - 1336 - 1548 - 1760
Width (mm) 400 - 500 - 600
Accessories: brackets, 1 radiator plug , 1 airvent.
Installation: 4 welded-on hanging strips for 4 adjustable wall brackets.
Connection: 2 x diameter 1/2" (15/21)
Diameter connections: supply and return Ø ½" (15/21)
Working pressure: 8 bar
Max. working temperature: 110°C
Colours: prices are based on white RAL 9016. Other RAL and special colours are available upon request with a 25% supplement.
Guanrantee: 10 Years

Radiators types






Heat outputs sand dimensions

type A B C D X weight volume 75/65/20°C 55/45/20°C £
(kg) (l) (watt) (watt)
JA07000500 470 700 500 470 520 5.50 3.30 358 191 188.86
JA09120500 470 912 500 470 750 7.80 4.20 463 245 228.15
JA13360400 370 1336 400 370 1170 11.40 5.50 568 302 241.87
JA13360500 470 1336 500 470 1170 13.20 6.20 668 356 262.89
JA15480500 470 1584 500 470 1320 15.30 7.10 780 414 273.82
JA17600600 570 1760 600 570 1600 19.40 8.90 1015 541 318.60

according EN 442 - 75/65/20 ̊C (ΔT 50) and 55/45/20 ̊C (ΔT 30)
To calculate from Watts to BTU’s multiply by 3.412 (1000 watts x 3.412 = 3,412 btu’s).

Types of connections

Supply and return always at the bottom, can be switched left/right, centre-to-centre 50 mm.

Corrective factors

Corrective ratios

°C Factor °F
40°C 0.75 72°F
45°C 0.88 81°F
50°C 1 90°F
55°C 1.13 99°F
60°C 1.25 108°F
65°C 1.39 117°F
70°C 1.51 126°F


ECO 450 Electric heater kit

The Electric Heater Kit will enable you to use your Java towel warmer at any time, even if you are not using your central heating system; for example, in the summer months. It can be installed on either left or right hand side to suit installation requirements. By simply switching on the Electric Heater the comfort and convenience of your towel warmer can be enjoyed at all times. Built in thermostatic control means that your ECO 450 Heater Kit will operate efficiently, whichever size of towel warmer it is fitted to.


  1. Screw ‘T’ piece into ½” BSP connection at the bottom of the towel warmer, sealing with P.T.F.E tape or similar. If injection tube is used, element goes into opposite connection.

  2. Insert electrical element into “T” piece and tighten.

  3. Plumb your towel warmer into the central heating system via the remaining ½” BSP connection in the towel warmer, and the ½” BSP connection in the “T” piece, sealing the valves with P.T.F.E tape or similar.
    Electrical. The Electric Heater Kit is suitable for an AC supply 220-240 volts.

  4. Cut the cable to the requires length and connect to the fixed wiring of the premises through a cable outlet, controlled by a double-pole switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles.
    For installation in a bathroom (to comply with current I.E.E regulations) the appliance must be wired in the manner prescribed with the double-pole switch mounted outside the bathroom. Under such conditions, a competent electrician should install the appliance.

Warning – this appliance must be earthed through a medium of the 3-core connection cable. The Electric Heater Kit must only be switched on once the towel warmer is filled with water.


A=centre-to-centre connections
D=centre-to-centre brackets HORI
X=centre-to-centre brackets VERT

Each PURMO is guaranteed for ten years from the date of installation against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture. We replace the defective product with a similar or technically corresponding convector.

The guarantee does not cover damages that are due to faulty storage and handling at delivery or installation, nor damages that are due to faulty use of the convector, such as inside and outside rust, use of corrosive substances, too high pressure or damage due to freezing.

This guarantee does not cover incidental damages caused by the Purmo product, costs for change of product, production loss of the customer, loss of profit or other indirect costs.

In case of a guarantee claim the buyer must contact the seller and present some kind of evidence of purchase of the product, for example, order confirmation or delivery note.

The defective product always has to be sent back to Purmo for inspection within one month from the date of complaint, if not otherwise agreed upon.