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The Leros bathroom radiator is an impressive addition to the Purmo range. Its modern styling, contemporary appearance and well thought out design inspire confidence in the quality associated with the Purmo name. The large diameter of the tubes (28mm) provide a solid and stylish appearance whilst the larger gaps offer a practical solution for placing towels. The Leros is available in a range of colours, and its striking design will stand out in any bathroom

Height (mm) 1224 - 1812
Width (mm) 600
Accessories: 4 brackets, 3 blind stops G ½", 1 rotating airvent G ½", screws and plugs.
Installation: 4 wall brackets.
Connection: 4 connections ½" internal thread (15/21)
Working pressure: 10 bar - Testing pressure 13 bar.
Max. working temperature: 110°C
Colours: available in two stocked colours, white RAL 9016 and black textured S0141. Other RAL and special colours are available upon request with a 25% supplement.
Guanrantee: 10 Years

Radiators types



Heat outputs and dimensions

type A B C D X weight volume 75/65/20°C 55/45/20°C colour £
(kg) (l) (watt) (watt)
LER1206M 50 1224 600 500 924 11.55 5.85 607 325 white 481.78
LER1806M 50 1812 600 500 1512 16.45 8.25 870 464 white 587.18
LER1206MB 50 1224 600 500 924 11.55 5.85 607 325 black textured 602.22
LER1806MB 50 1812 600 500 1512 16.45 8.25 870 464 black textured 733.97

according EN 442 - 75/65/20 ̊C (ΔT 50) and 55/45/20 ̊C (ΔT 30)
To calculate from Watts to BTU’s multiply by 3.412 (1000 watts x 3.412 = 3,412 btu’s).

Types of connections

When the radiator is installed using the bottom left and right connection option, rather than the mid connection, the output is reduced due to no water flow through 2 pipes.


A=centre-to-centre connections
D=centre-to-centre brackets HORI
X=centre-to-centre brackets VERTI


Valve body available in option.

Stock Profile Brochure - February 2019

Each PURMO is guaranteed for ten years from the date of installation against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture. We replace the defective product with a similar or technically corresponding convector.

The guarantee does not cover damages that are due to faulty storage and handling at delivery or installation, nor damages that are due to faulty use of the convector, such as inside and outside rust, use of corrosive substances, too high pressure or damage due to freezing.

This guarantee does not cover incidental damages caused by the Purmo product, costs for change of product, production loss of the customer, loss of profit or other indirect costs.

In case of a guarantee claim the buyer must contact the seller and present some kind of evidence of purchase of the product, for example, order confirmation or delivery note.

The defective product always has to be sent back to Purmo for inspection within one month from the date of complaint, if not otherwise agreed upon.