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The design and equipment of the living room is the flagship of the entire house. This is where the family's daily life goes on, this is where we entertain our guests and spend most of our leisure time. An important factor in the design of that space is the choice of the appropriate way of heating that ensures comfort and puts the appearance as well as functionality of the interior in the first place.

Typically, in living rooms with standard windows, radiators are placed under the windowsills. If the planned decoration of the living room space assumes that radiators are to be strongly exposed, it is worth choosing decorative models, painted to match the interior design.

Modern architectural projects prefer open spaces and large glazed areas. More and more often, the lower storey is arranged into one, common, open space, where there is no place for typical wall panel radiators. If this is what the design of your living room looks like, choose heating hidden in the floor.

Underfloor heating does not require maintenance or cleaning and is completely invisible. That's why the arrangement of furniture in the interiors as well as the layout and height of windows are not constrained by the need to make some space for radiators. The installation of underfloor heating requires adequate preparation of the floor substructure, therefore a decision on this type of heating should be taken already at the construction stage.

Floor heating gives a pleasant feeling of warm floor and the most favourable temperature distribution inside. However, its efficient functioning imposes certain restrictions: the floor needs to be finished with materials which are good heat conductors. You shouldn't put large carpets either, and you should have furniture with legs, so as not to impair the natural circulation of heat from the floor.

If you still want to keep wooden floor finishing in the living room, channel convector heaters may turn out to be a cost-efficient but at the same time spectacular solution. They are positioned in the floor along windows and are almost completely invisible. They do not obstruct the opening of balcony doors and they work based on the circulation of warm air. This is why they are very efficient and prevent windows from fogging up.

The optimal thermal comfort in the living room is provided by an individual control system for the heating system. Thermostats which regulate heating in the living room are particularly useful if we plan to use a fireplace.