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The hallway - particularly in houses - is the first room exposed to cooling due to frequent opening of the door. The proper selection of heating in the hallway prevents heat losses in the entire home.

Vertical design models are one of the most frequently used radiators in the hallway. Regardless of whether we choose vertical design panel or tubular model we will make good use of space on a narrow wall next to the door or stairs.

Adding additional equipment will change the radiator in a convenient hanger for drying wet jackets.

A partition wall opposite the entrance door is a perfect place for a spectacular decorative radiator.

A radiator may also serve as a bench on which you can conveniently change your footwear.

Floor heating is a good solution for the hallway. Arranged under tiles which conduct heat efficiently, it guarantees stable temperature over the entire surface of the floor. Warm floor welcomes family members and offers a pleasurable sensation even for bare feet. It also allows for faster drying of shoes or snow stains.