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The bathroom is the space where we experience cold most severely. When selecting heating devices to the bathroom, remember that air temperature there should be higher than in other rooms and should reach about 24°C.

Moisture is not good for radiators. Only special models designed for that room should be used there. Bathroom heaters are resistant to humidity in the air, however they should not be exposed to direct contact with water, such as water from a bath or a shower. This should be taken into account when designing the bathroom.

The model and size of bathroom radiator should be chosen according to the heat characteristics of a given room. A bathroom heater may not consume too much space on the wall, but at the same time it must be efficient enough to guarantee suitable thermal comfort in the bathroom.

Bathroom heaters can be supplemented by functional accessories. The most useful elements include handles and hangers which allow for drying towels conveniently. Glass shelves are also a good idea for small bathrooms as they give extra storage space for small items.

An electric heater for bathroom radiators is also useful additional equipment; it allows for using the radiator outside the heating season. Thanks to that heater you can heat your bathroom up and quickly dry damp towels.

The most comfortable heating system for a bathroom consists of a bathroom radiator plus underfloor heating. A nice looking and functional radiator is quick to give warmth and dry towels, while floor heating gives a pleasant sensation of warmth and helps keep stable, comfortable temperature even in larger rooms. It helps us prevent cold feet, wet floor or damp floor mats.

To improve interaction between the bathroom radiator and underfloor heating, use a modern set of valves which enables controlling power of the radiator and of the floor heating by means of one thermostatic head.